Protect Your Business with Security

It takes the average intruder only 10 minutes to enter and leave your premises, leaving behind them a wake of emotional and financial disarray. The financial deficit per average robbery equates to roughly $2,000 per invasion. However, it will cost you way more than just the few items taken.

Locking windows and doors is what most people do to deter a possible invader. But, most of them are persistent in that they would either damage, remove, or destroy a door. Replacing the door would cost in the region of $500, which include labor and hardware, and would increase in cost, depending on the quality and size of the damaged structure. If you require a new lock, then you can expect to pay a locksmith about $100. This would no doubt prompt you into looking at commercial security systems Medford Oregon, then visit

Nowadays, security for businesses has become a priority and necessity. But, one cannot just rely on traditional ways such as locking your doors and windows to secure your place of business. Locks and chains do not work like they used to in days gone by. This is why you need a security expert to handle such issues.

Why You Need to Making Use of Commercial Security Systems

You want to protect your number one asset, your business, at all costs. It doesn’t matter where in Medford you find yourself; there is a security company who is capable of securing your place of business. These companies can assist business owners to protect their business and offer support when it comes to installing burglar alarms, maintaining it and doing repair work.

For them to secure your business, they would utilize all kinds of technologies to make it happen. Commercial motion detectors are good examples of this as they are sophisticated pieces of technology that will protect the entire space that can be controlled via a central unit.

Why Your Business Needs a Home Security System?

In the past just having a CCTV in place would suffice regarding security inside and outside an establishment. These days, tough times call for even tougher measures in that you need robust alarm systems to safeguard your place of business. The best about commercial security systems is that they come in a large variety of different models. Regardless of the size of your premises and the type of protection needed, you will always find something that suits your needs.

Different Types

The average premises can do with just burglar alarms and CCTV cameras. You would commonly find these fitted to smaller shops. However, it is not a given that all small business owners do not want more sophisticated systems in place such as movement detectors inside or outside their establishment. Having said that, detectors can be found in bigger places of business like malls and banks that need the highest security possible.

As far as burglar alarms are concerned, you will be happy to know that silent alarms are in place that can be set off with the touch of a button. Then again, there are alarms that automatically alert the cops should a burglary take place at your business premises. Additionally, you can monitor your business via security cams which are accessible through a cell phone or computer. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you find yourself; you always have a way to watch over your business and make sure everything is running smoothly.

There you have it. Just some things a person need to know about motion detectors and how these may benefit your business in the long run concerning preventing as well as securing your place of business in the event that it suddenly becomes compromised.

SOS Alarm offers complete customizable installations of systemsthat would fit your organization’s needs. They offer these systems for warehouses, office buildings, retail space, restaurants, equipment yards, and more.

The size of your business doesn’t matter. Besides, every company faces security risks of some sort. Whether your business happens to be a national corporation with multiple locations or it is small family business, SOS Alarm can design a system that matches your needs, whether it is basic or more complex.